Shogun Class Schedule as of 19 May 2021

Monday– 5:30am, 11:30am, 5:30pm
Tuesday– 5:30am, 11:30am,5:30pm
Wednesday– 5:30am,5:30pm
Thursday– 5:30am, 11:30am,5:30pm
Friday– 5:30am, 11:30am,5:30pm
Saturday- 8:45am (No class during fundamentals course)
Sunday– No Scheduled Classes (ACTIVE REST DAY)
Holidays/Down Days- No Scheduled Classes unless posted on Shogun Facebook page.

IMPORTANT: Coaches/Trainers will STRICTLY ENFORCE the cutoff times for WOD starts. Athletes must arrive prior to class start times as we start promptly at the above scheduled times. Late arrivals may be turned away.  Our coaches want to make sure athletes are given a proper amount of time to warm-up.  Improper warm-up might lead to injuries.  The cut off is for the protection of the athletes as well as it allows the coaches to plan accordingly for the class.

Weather Calls: Building 114 is an “indoor/outdoor” CrossFit facility. Trainers will make on the spot weather calls as needed during inclement weather. If its raining or lightning, we will not damage equipment or endanger athletes by working out in a rainy or lightning environment. Weather cancellations will be made approximately 30-60 minutes prior if to the start of a scheduled workout when possible. Cancellation notices will be posted on the SCF Facebook page ( ). During typhoon season, WODs will automatically be cancelled at TCCR 2 (depending on witnessed weather conditions). The Box will remain closed until STORM WATCH or TCCOR-4 is sounded. TCCOR conditions can be checked at the Kadena Force Support weather page:


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