Fundamental Class

2021 Fundamental Dates:

January 9 – February 6 – March 27  

April 17 – May 15 – June 12

July 10 – August 14 – September 18

October 16 – November 13 – December 11

So you want to be a SHOGUN ATHLETE? The process begins with our Shogun CrossFit Fundamental Class.

  1. The Shogun CrossFit Fundamental Class (SCF FC) is approximately three hours long and takes place once a month.
  2. Attendance at the SCF FC is REQUIRED in order to join SCF workouts REGARDLESS OF PREVIOUS CROSSFIT EXPERIENCE; with one exception. If you are a certified CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (CFL1T), the FC is waived. CFL1T’s must coordinate their participation at daily WODs by messaging us on our Facebook page.
  3. The SCF FC takes place at building 114 on Kadena Airbase, behind Risner Gym.
  4. Class will begin promptly at 9:00am and will last approximately 3 hours. All participants must complete the ENTIRE FC in order to come to daily WODs.
  5. The SCF FC costs $30 (all proceeds go towards operational costs and fees associated with the affiliate).  All classes after the SCF FC are completely FREE.  
  6. Please show up to the SCF FC 15min early (0845) and report to the Risner Gym front desk to pay for the FC.  Your receipt will be your ticket into the FC.
  7. Please wear comfortable workout clothing and bring plenty of water. Additional items to bring could include, but are not limited to; sunscreen, bug spray (we’re outside) and a positive attitude!

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