Wednesday, 15 February



15 min Time Cap

Buy In

  • 1000m Row
  • 50 Thrusters 45/35
  • 30 Pull-Ups

Directly into in remaining time

Max weight set of 5 Front Squats from the Floor *a squat clean can be performed as your first from squat rep

**After completion of the 15 min workout, athletes can continue to work to build to a heavy set of 5 front squats from the floor

*****Additional Work*****

Skill Conditioning

10 rounds for time, Time Cap: 20 mins

  • 1 rope climb
  • 25ft handstand walk
  • 125ft shuttle run, shuttle run completed in 25ft segments

Core Cashout

5 Sets for quality, rest as needed between sets/rounds

  • 50 second weighted plank
  • 300ft farmers carry
  • 10 single leg hip thrusts (each)

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