Tuesday, 14 February

Happy Valentine’s Day, CrossFit will always love you even if it doesn’t feel that way sometimes.



10 Sets on 1:30

3-3-3-2-2-2-1-1-1-1, Start around 65% and build based on feel for the day

“Hang Gliding”


  • 8 Dumbbell Hang Power Snatches, switch arms only after completing the first 4 reps
  • 6 Toes to Bar
  • 24 Double Unders

RX 50/35 Scaled 35/20

*****Additional Work*****

Bench Press

5 X 5 on 3:00, athletes should shoot for a heavy weight throughout the 5 sets and can add weight each set

Power Play

5 Sets

  • 1:00 max Power Snatch 75/55
  • 1:00 max Bar Facing Burpees

Rest 2:00 Between Sets


4 Sets:

  • Max Unbroken Double Dumbbell Bench 70/50
  • 100m Front Rack Double Dumbbell Carry 70/50
  • 45 Parallette L Seconds L-Sit, can be unbroken or accumulated

Score: Bench Press Reps

Time Cap: 20 mins


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