Saturday, 31 December

*****0800 Unstructured Lifting*****

Hang Power Snatch, Build to a 3RM

Strict Press

6 X 3-4 reps @ 68-78% on 2:30

*****0900 Class*****



Teams of 3.

Two partners can work at a time.

Accomplish reps in any order and work towards all three movements at the same time.

Buy In: 1 mile team run

  • 200 Dumbbell Thrusters RX 50’s/35’s Scaled 35’s/20’s
  • 300 Chest to Bar Pull Ups
  • 400 Double Unders

*****Additional Work*****

For Time: time cap 10 mins

  • 40/30 Calorie Row
  • 20 Box Step Overs 70’s/50’s @ 20″
  • 100ft Handstand Walk

2 Mile Run for time:

  • 2 mins on
  • 1 min off

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