Saturday, 19 November

**November Fundamentals – No 0900 Class Today**

****0730 Unstructured Lifting and WOD****

Squat Snatch

Build to Heavy Single

“Hidden Valley”

Buy-In: 800 Meter Team Med-Ball Run

Directly Into..

Max Unbroken Set of Wallballs (each)

After Each Set:
10 Toes to Bar
200 Meter Med-Ball Run

* Switch When Partner Breaks
* Each Partner Has Own Med-Ball
* Score Is Total Wallballs



3 Rounds For Time:
50 Wallballs (RX/LVL2: 20/14) (LVL 3: 30/20)
25 Toes-To-Bar
500m Medball Run

*Rest 3 mins between rounds.

After Class:

Not For Time:

400 meter farmers carry
2 minute dead hang
1 minute plate pinch


“Laziness doesn’t get a vote. Frustration, doesn’t get a vote. Weakness, doesn’t get a vote. Negativity, doesn’t get a vote. Only you do.” – Jocko Willink

As humans, we like comfort. And anything that challenges that comfort, will be met with resistance. And lots of it. It’s our innate self-preservation mechanism kicking in.

Yet there is a difference between acknowledging the voices, and listening to them.

It is a choice to be lazy.
It is a choice to be frustrated.
It is a choice to be negative.

When we can see these emotions for what they are, we can acknowledge them when they arrive. And then put them where they belong. They do not get a vote in how we live our lives. Only we do.


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