Tuesday, 18 October


Double Unders, 10 min technique practice

“Jerry Can”

For Time [35 Minute Cap]:
1 Mile Run
100 Meter Farmers Carry
2,000/1,600 Meter Row
200 Meter Farmers Carry
1 Mile Run
100 Meter Farmers Carry

Dumbbells: (RX 50’s/35’s) (Scaled 35’s/20’s)

*Score = Time it takes to complete the workout

Additional Work

  • Clean Sotts Press, 5 X 3 @ light weight w/ 3 sec pause overhead
  • Squat Clean & Jerk, 5 x [3 squat cleans + 1 Jerk] @ 75-80% of 1RM Clean & Jerk
  • Clean Pull, 3 X 5 @ 95-100% of 1RM Clean
  • 60min Zone 2 Cardio, every 5 mins 1-2 mins of handstand work


“When it’s obvious that the goal cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goal, adjust the action steps.” Confucius
We’re drawing close to the end of 2021.
As we enter 2022, we’ll be planning some targets, some goals, some aspirations. As we put the time towards thinking of the year ahead, let’s do a visualization exercise together to help shape those thoughts.

Imagine we’re sitting together in a coffee shop… and it’s the end of 2022. Just about a year from today.
And I ask you,
“Hey friend. Tell me… what do you feel was your biggest accomplishment of 2022?”
“Did you set any goals that you set, but happened to miss? What would you change?”
“And last question… now with 2022 in hindsight, what do you think are your major growth areas for 2023?”


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