Tuesday, 13 September


PART 1: Deadlift

Build to a Heavy Single

*Score = Heaviest Load

PART 2: “Ball Don’t Lie”

For Time [20 Minute Cap]:
150 Wall Balls (RX 20/14) (Scaled 14/10)

Every 2 Minutes: 
18/14 Calorie Row

*Score = Time it takes to complete the workout

Additional Work

  • 10 mins skill practice pulling, pull ups, butterfly pull ups, muscle ups (before)
  • 3-4 sets of 6-12 weighted pull ups (before)
  • 40EMOM (after)
    • Min 1-2: 300m Run
    • Min 3-4: Dumbbell Bench Press (RX 50/35) (Scaled 35/25)
    • Min 5: REST


“Do not fear failure. But be terrified of regret.” – Ashley Soughtley Spaulding

The reality of life is that we will hear more “no’s” than “yes’s”.
And we will fail.
A lot.

But despite the hundreds of doors closed on our phase, the hundreds of times we are told “no way”, they will never haunt us. What we will regret will be the instances where we gave up. Where we told *ourselves” no.

We don’t fear failure… we welcome it. It’s where the learning occurs. Where the real magic happens.


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