Saturday, 10 September

****0730 WORKOUT, Fundamentals at 0900****



[Teams of 2]
For Time [45 Minute Cap]:

Buy-In: 2001 Meter Row

4 Rounds:
9 Rope Climbs
11 Bear Complexes (RX 135/95) (SCALED 95/65)*
*1 Bear = Power Clean+Front Squat+Push Press+Back Squat+Push Press

Cash-Out: 2977 Meter Row

Score = Time it takes to complete the workout

Additional Work

  • 3-4 Sets of 6-12 Strict Weighted Pull Ups (Before)
  • 5 Sets of 3 Clean Sotts Press @ Light Weight (Before)
  • 5 Sets of [1 Power Clean + 1 Hang Squat Clean] @ 65-70% of 1RM Clean (Before)
  • 3 Sets of 3 Halting Clean Deadlift @ 85-90% of 1RM Clean *3 sec Pause at mid-thigh (Before)
  • 40-60min of Zone 2 Cardio (After)


“True strength is the courage to admit weakness.”

Show me an athlete who is afraid to look bad, silly, or stupid… and I’ll show you back an athlete who will lose every time.

Vulnerability is a hot theme nowadays, and rightfully so.
It’s the first step, and arguably most challenging, in facing our fears. It’s an extension of the “awareness” phase, where we admit to ourselves (and potentially to others), that we have soft spots. And much like many other aspects in life, awareness is everything.

Gone are the days where “toughness” is summarized with gritted teeth and bad attitudes. Real mental toughness is facing the demons, the skeletons in the closet, the soft spots, and going on the attack.

Show me an athlete who is *willing* to look bad, silly, or stupid… and I’ll show you back a very powerful competitor.


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