Friday, 5 August


PART 1: No Touch Deadlift

5 Sets of 2 No Touch Deadlifts

*Score = Lowest weight used for a working set

PART 2: “AMRAPPER’s Delight”

8 Toes to Bar
8 Deadlifts (RX 165/115) (Scaled 115/85)
8 Lateral Barbell Burpees

*Score = Rounds + Reps


[Pull Conditioning]
AMRAP 1:30 x 10 Sets:
1 Unbroken Set of Muscle-ups
Easy Row With Time Remaining

Rest 30 Seconds After Each Round

Odd Sets: Ring Muscle-ups or Strict Pull-Ups
Even Sets: Bar Muscle-ups or Ring Rows


“True happiness is to enjoy the present, without anxious dependence of the future” – Seneca

How often do we rush to the finish line… only to rush to find the next?

It is in our nature to crave progress. It is also in our nature to be wary of complacency. This is where a misconception can form, leading to dark times. We live for the “future”, a finish line that we’ll never reach.

The aim is absolutely not to ignore the future… but to instead embrace the present. Let’s move past the logic of the “pursuit of happiness”, and embrace the breath in our lungs at this moment. Wherever we go today, let’s go with everything we got.


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