Monday, 4 July

****Happy 4th of July! 0900 CLASS ONLY****


“Team Glen”

[Teams of 2]
For Time:
60 Clean & Jerks (RX 135/95) (Scaled 95/65)
Run 1 mile
20 Rope Climbs (Scaled 5 strict pull ups)
Run 1 mile
100 Burpees

*One partner working at a time, Run together.
*Score = time it takes to complete the workout

-Former U.S. Navy SEAL Glen Doherty, 42, of Winchester, Massachusetts was assigned to a State Department security detail in Benghazi, Libya, and died in an attack on a U.S. consulate on September 11, 2012. He is survived by his parents, Ben and Barbara, sister Katie, and brother Greg.


Clean & Jerk
Clean & Jerk

  • Touch & Go Reps
  • Rest As Needed Between Sets


“Don’t tell me who you are. Tell me what you are.”

When we are asked “who” we are, we default to our past. We define ourselves by our resumes. Although our past may give us insight of where we’ve been, it cannot be what defines us… for it’s the past.

When the question however asks “what” we are, we tend to give a different answer. We describe who we really are. It’s one of character, values and beliefs.

Will we be defined by who we’ve been in the past, or by what we stand for today? Let character be our loudest statement.

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