Monday, 2 May WOD


  • 400m Run then 2 Rounds
    • 10 Leg Swings (each leg)
    • 0:30 Calf Stretch (each leg)
    • 0:30 Squat Hold
    • 3 Shuttle Runs (50ft if one rep)


  • 5 rounds for time of:
    • Recovery Run, 200 m (not for time)
    • Run, 200 m (time each of your 200m Run’s)

Go as slow on the recovery run as needed to keep the first 200 m a hard effort each time!


  • 5 rounds for max reps of:
    • max rep Bench Press, 1x bodyweight
    • max rep Strict Pull-ups

Bench Press- 1x/0.75 bodyweight Rest as needed between rounds but no more than 3 mins. Scaling Options: Use a band If needed or sub inverted rows. Goal is to get around 10 reps on the bench each round.


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