Thursday, 28 April WOD


  • 1:00 Easy Run
  • 10 Leg Swings (each side)
  • 1:00 Easy Run
  • 10 Burpees


  • 4x50m Strides *Rest as needed, pick up the pace on the strides.
  • -Calf Stretch (0:45/side)
  • -Hamstring Stretch(0:45/side)


  • Each for distance:
    • Run, 10 mins
    • Run, 9 mins
    • Run, 8 mins
      • Rest 2 mins between efforts.

Run the first one easy and try to then run the same distance you ran in 10 minutes but in 9 and 8 minutes respectively. Goal is to learn how to pace and be aware of effort for each one of the intervals. If you can’t run do the same minutes on a rower.


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