Thursday, 14 April


  • 10 Cal Row
  • 8 Inch Worms + 1 Push Up
  • 10 Cal Row
  • 8 Kip Swings + 4 Inverted Rows or ring rows
  • 10 Cal Row
  • 8 KB or DB Strict Press (each arm)
  • 10 Cal Row
  • 4 Strict TTB
    • Shoulder Warm Up: (with light change plates)
      • 10 Front Raises
      • 10 Side Raises
      • 10 Presses
      • 10 Rotations


  • 4 rounds for quality of:
    • 8 Bench Press, pick load
    • 8 Strict Toes-to-bars

Bench Press- try to keep the same weight for all 4 rounds, should be around 60-70% 1RM. Quality work, rest as needed between rounds and move at your own pace. Focus on controlled toes to bar and good smooth reps on the bench.


  • Every 1 min for 20 mins, alternating between:
    • 15/12 Row Calories
    • 1x [ 5 Pull-ups + 10 Push-ups + 15 Air Squats ]

Adjust reps to get no more than 50 seconds of work on the rower and no more than 40 seconds of work for the round of Cindy. Strict or kipping pull ups choice is yours, however for today I would suggest strict pull ups if possible. Scaling Options: Scale to pull ups with a band or inverted rows if needed. Push ups should be unbroken, if needed perform on a bench, box or inverted row bar.


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