Friday, 5 February WOD


  • 2:00 Machine –then– 3 Rounds
    • 10 Single Leg KB deadlifts each leg (light kb)
    • 10 Hollow Rocks / Kip Swings / Knee raises
    • 10 Air Squats / Squat Jumps / Goblet Squats
    • 2 Wall Walks
  • -Front Rack barbell stretch (3-5 second hold each side, 10 reps per side)
  • -Back Rack barbell stretch (3-5 second hold each side, 10 reps per side)
  • Barbell Warm Up: (empty BB)
    • 5 Clean deadlifts up to knee
    • 5 Clean Pulls
    • 5 Front Squats
    • 5 Push Press
    • 5 Hang Power Cleans
    • 5 Push Jerks
    • 5 Hang Squat Cleans
    • 5 Split Jerks
    • 5 Clean & Jerks
  • *All the work doesn’t have to be unbroken, work on refining movement patterns and key points for each rep


  • 2 Clean & Jerks, 75% 1RM Every 1:30 for 7:30.

Work on smooth reps, coming out of the bottom quick and dropping under the bar fast for the jerk.


  • 5 rounds, 2 mins each, for max reps of:
    • 18 Toes-to-bars
    • 12 Deadlifts, 225/155 lbs
    • max reps in remaining time Handstand Walks, 25 ft
    • Rest 1 min

Work on transitioning quick and keeping good sets of the TTB and deadlifts. Scaling Options: Both TTB and Deadlifts should either be unbroken or no more than 2 sets. You should have at least 0:30-0:45 second to work on HSW. Scale to Knee to elbows or knee raises in order to maintain a good rhythm in your kip. Deadlift weight should be moderate/light use something that you know you can hold unbroken for the first 2-3 rounds. Use this opportunity to practice HSW even if it’s just a few feet at a time! Otherwise scale to max Wall Walks.


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