Thursday, 27 January WOD


  • 15 Cal Row (easy)
  • 10 Single Leg DB Deadlifts (light)
  • 5 Inch Worms + 1 Pause Push Up
  • 15 Cal Row
  • 10 DB Snatch stance deadlift
  • 5 Inch Worms + 1 Pause Push Up
  • 15 Cal Row
  • 10 DB Snatches
  • 5 Inch Worms + 1 Pause Push Up
    • -Overhead Stretch
    • -Tricep Stretch (45” per side)


  • Teams of 3 – 7 rounds for time of:
    • 20/16 Row Calories
    • 15 Dumbbell Snatches, 50/35 lbs
    • 10 Dumbbell Bench Press, 50/35 lbs
    • Rest 1:30

Complete in teams of 3. Rounds or waterfall on the bike in a team of 3, ideally you should be done with the DB work by the time the second person is done with the bike. If you don’t have a bike sub a 200m Run, if running is not possible because of weather or other reasons then sub 50ft Double DB Lunge Rest 5 mins before continuing…


  • Dumbbell Bench Press 1xME at 50/35 lbs
  • Rest as needed between sets.

ONE good max set, use the same weight that you used for the workout. Scaling Options: Use a DB weight that allows you to keep the DB snatches unbroken as well as the bench pres


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