Tuesday, 21 December WOD


  • 1:00 Machine –then– 3 Rounds
    • 12 Single Arm Kb Swings (6each arm)
    • 0:30 Hollow Hold
    • 12 Squat Jumps
  • –then–
    • 1:00 Machine
  • Barbell Warm Up: (empty BB)
    • 3 Snatch Pulls
    • 3 Snatch Balances
    • 3 OH Squats
    • 3 High Hang Snatches
    • 3 Hang Snatches
    • 3 Low Hang Snatches


  • 3 Squat Snatches, 75% 1RM
  • Every 1:30 for 9 mins.

Movement of the month re-test.


  • As many reps as possible in 10 mins of:
    • Kettlebell Snatch, 53/35 lbs

Re-test for the movement of the month, try to beat your previous score, I would suggest trying to stick with the same pacing strategy 10-20 reps per minute and then pick it up the last minute. Scaling Options: Use the same weight as the beginning of the month. If you didn’t do this pick something you can hold 10s with. Switch arms as desired.


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