Friday, 22 October WOD


  • 2:00 Row or Run –then– 4 Sets
    • 0:20 Air Squats
    • 0:10 Squat Hold
  • Into 2 Sets
    • 10 Kip Swings
    • 7 Inverted Rows
    • 5 V-Ups


  • Back Squat 5-5-ME
  • Use the heaviest weight you can for each set.
  • Rest as needed between sets.
  • Set 1: 65% of 90%
  • Set 2: 75% of 90%
  • Set 3: 85% of 90%; anywhere between 5-12 reps Wendler program still so base these numbers off 90% of your max! So for example the last set would be 85% x 90% x 1RM Back Squat.


For time: 30 Muscle-ups

We will retest mary/cindy beginning next week, our new movement of the month for the month of October will be 30 MUs for time! Bar Or Ring, this could also be a great opportunity to learn ring or bar. Scaling Options: if you know 30 reps is a lot of volume then do max reps in 15:00 bar or ring depending on skill level. Singles are ok, try to focus on a tight kip and quick turnaround. If you don’t have muscle ups the perform 10 Rounds for time of 3 Ring Pull Ups + 3 Ring Dips or 3 pull ups + 3 push ups or even 3 inverted rows + 3 elevated push ups if needed. Time Cap: 15 mins


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