Saturday, 9 October WOD


  • 2 Rounds:
    • 200m Run
    • 15 PVC Pass Throughs
    • 10 Bench or Box Push Ups


  • For time:
    • Partner 1 do: Run, 200 m — then —
    • Partner 2 & 3 do: 3 rounds of:
      • 100 Hang-to-Overheads, 95/65 lbs
      • 100 Lateral Burpee Over Bars

Hang-to-Overheads- you can do hang snatch or hang clean and jerk Complete in teams of 3. Partner 2 and 3 work on the 3 Rounds while they wait for Partner 1 to come back from the run, then they rotate until all the work is done. Scaling Options: Scale the Barbell weight to something very light that you can hold sets of 10s with. Time Cap: 35 mins


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