Thursday, 7 October WOD


  • 5:00 Easy Run
  • 5x50yd Strides on the minute
  • Stretch
    • -Hamstring
    • -Calf


  • Each for distance: Run, 10x 1 min
  • Rest 1 min between efforts.

Mark your distance after the first one (don’t go out too hot) and try to end up in the same spot each round, if you pass your mark then that’s your new spot if you’re short of getting to your mark you have 5 Burpees in the minute rest. Really try to pace this one out and get progressively faster. If you don’t have a running spot that allows you to do this then do it on a rower. Scaling Options: Use a rower if needed same format. Spend some time cooling down and stretching if there’s time left in the class.


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