Monday, 6 September WOD – 0900 only


  • 3 Rounds
    • 15 Cal Row
    • 12 Single DB Hang C&Js (light)
    • 8 Kip Swings / Knee to elbow / TTB
  • Barbell Warm Up: (empty BB)
    • 10 Deadlifts
    • 8 Hang Power Cleans
    • 6 Push Press
    • 6 Low Hang C&Js
    • 6 Hang C&Js

Strength: Part I

  • 6 Clean & Jerks, 135/95 lbs
  • Every 1 min for 5 mins.

Pick the weight you used for Grace or lower if your grace time is above 5 mins. Work on efficiency in the movement and quick reps.

Rest 3 mins before 2…

Part II

For time:

  • 30 Clean & Jerks, 185/125 lbs

Heavy Grace here; pick a weight you can do 3-5 rep per min which should be heavier than your Grace weight. Scaling Options: Scale the barbell weight as recommended,

Time Cap: 12 mins

Quality Work

  • For quality: 50 Toes-to-bars

No rush here, work on keeping your legs straight and using the full range of motion in the kip swing. Pick a number (like 3-5-10 reps) and stick with it. Scaling Options: Scale to knee to elbow or knee raises if needed.


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