Monday, 16 August WOD


  • 4 Rounds
    • 12 Cal Row
    • 10 Single KB Hang Clean and push press (light)(5each arm)
    • 8 Ring Kip Swings(1st Round) / 8 Ring Scap Pull Ups(2nd) / 8 High Ring Kip Swings(3rd) / 4 Ring Pull Ups (4th)

Quality Work

  • 3 rounds for quality of:
    • 10 L/10 R Slider Hamstring Curls (Single Leg Glute Bridges)
    • 20 Hollow Rocks

Use this as an extension of the warm-up.


  • Band Speed Deadlift
  • 10×3 Use the same weight for each set.
  • Rest 1 min between sets.
  • 60% 1RM Deadlift Same weight as last week but try to increase the speed for today.
  • Rest 1 min between sets or go every 1:30 mins.

METCON CrossFit Games WOD from 2019

  • For time:
    • 30 Clean & Jerks, 135/95 lbs
    • 30 Muscle-ups
    • 30 Snatches, 135/95 lbs
      • Time cap: 12 mins

Scaling Options: Barbell weight should be such to do really quick singles here. Scale to bar muscle ups if needed or scale to 45 C2B pull Ups/Pull Ups for today additionally jumping pull ups would be good for today! Time Cap: 15 mins

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