Thursday, 1 July WOD

Warm-up: 10 minutes

  • 300m Run
  • 10 Push Ups + 10 Shoulder taps
  • 300m Run
  • 30 Sec HS Hold
  • 300m Run
  • 5 Squats + 10 Lunges

For Quality:

  • 3 rounds for quality of:
    • 8 Seated Double Dumbbell Strict Press, pick load
    • 8 Strict Pull-ups

Seated Double Dumbbell Strict Press- increase weight each round Rest as needed between rounds.

METCON: 2014 Crossfit Regionals WOD

  • 21-15-9-6-3 reps, for time of:
    • Strict Handstand Push-up
    • Front Squat, 195/125 lbs
    • Bar-facing Burpee

Should take around 15-20 mins. Scaling Options: Scale The pull ups in the strength part to pull ups with a band if needed do not do kipping pull ups, if needed you could also sub with inverted rows. Scale to Kipping HSPU for the workout or Same reps Double DB Push Press. Scale the Front Squat weight to something you can at least do sets of 5 with.


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