Tuesday, 22 June WOD

Warm-up: 10 Minutes

  • 3 Rounds
    • 50 Single Unders
    • 10 Muscle Cleans
    • 10 Strict Press (empty bar)
    • 15 Kip Swings or hollow rocks

Strength/Skill: Clean

  • Power Clean + Push Jerk + Power Clean + Split Jerk
  • 5×1 Use the same weight for each set.
  • Rest 3 mins between sets.

75% 1RM Drop the bar after the push jerk. Rest 2-3 mins.

Metcon: Rounds for time

  • 3 rounds for time of:
    • 100 Double Unders
    • 20 Toes-to-bars
    • 20 Thrusters, pick load Rest 2 mins

Thrusters- increase weight each round; start at 95/65 lbs if possible Scaling Options: Scale to 1:00 of DUs practice or a good set of DUs that takes you less than 0:90. Scale the TTB to knee to elbow or V-Ups if needed. The weight on the bar should be such to go unbroken the first round and not more than 2/3 sets for the later rounds


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