Monday, 1 February WOD

Monday will mark the first day of a new strength/METCON cycle. This cycle will last approximately two months with the following schedule:

  • Monday: Back Squats
  • Tuesday: Strict Gymnastics 
  • Wednesday: Snatch, Clean, & Jerk Technique
  • Thursday: Front Squat
  • Friday: Deadlift
  • Saturday: Partner WODS/Coach & Athlete Choice/Endurance WODS/OPEN WODS

Sets and reps will remain relatively the same for the duration of the cycle. We suggest that you start out with a weight that is slightly easy for all lifts this week so that you are able to gradually increase loads over the two month period. The purpose of keeping sets and reps similar is to capture improvements in strength, range of motion, and most importantly technique! METCONs will make up for the lack of variety in the strength program by hitting all three metabolic pathways.

DAY 1:

Warm up: 10 minutes

  • Back Squat Prep

Strength: Back Squat (athlete picks loads)

  • 5 sets x 5 reps
  • 1 set every ~2 minutes for 10 minutes

 METCON: 4 Rounds for time:                         

20 x Goblet Lunges (50# / 35#)

20 x Burpees

Tip of the day:


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