Thursday, 20 February WOD

Thursday, February 20

Warm Up ~Coaches choice 10-12 minutes

ACCESSORY WORK (10 minutes)

3 Rounds for Quality of:

  • 10 Jerk Grip Overhead Walking Lunges, pick load
  • 10 Bent over Rows, pick load

Strength WOD (15 minutes)

Back Squat Waves

  • (6-4-2)(6-4-2)(6-4-2)
  • Wave= (6-4-2)
  • REST 3 minutes between each wave

Load should be lighter to heavier, start wave 1 with your second wave weights from last week.

Only rest as you are switching weights during the wave reps.

** Record in BTWB so you can use these numbers for next week


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