Saturday, 6 October 2018 WOD

“The Kristi”

For Time:

30 Air Squat
30 Pistols
1 Rope Climb, 15ft
30 Ab Mat Sit Ups
30 Med Ball Russian Twist 20/14
1 Rope Climb, 15ft
30 push-ups
30 pull-ups
1 Rope Climb, 15ft
30 Clean 95/65
30 Shoulder to Overhead 95/65
1 Rope Climb, 15ft
This named WOD was inspired by Chief Master Sergeant Kristi Steck. Kristi has been such an inspirational athlete at Shogun Crossfit participating at classes even with her super crazy schedule at one of PACAF busiest installation and command post in the Air Force.  When her schedule got crazier, she joined in on an even earlier WOD group to ensure she get her WOD in and always pushing herself. “The Kristi” WOD includes some of her favorite and some of her best movements.  Shogun Crossfit wishes her the best as she moves on to her next venture in the Air Force.


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