January 2018 Spotlight


CrossFit community grow not because we advertise or spend a lot of money getting people into our box.  More often, it is the relationships that grow within the community that encourages others to give CrossFit a chance.  Like many of us, Necita or as her friends call her “Cita,” came to give CrossFit a shot by the encouragement of her friends.  Cita transformed from a skeptic to a CrossFit athlete.  Here’s more from Cita and her story.

 “I was always skeptical about CrossFit because of all the fail videos I’ve seen on YouTube and I’ve always told myself that I’ll never try CrossFit. However, all that changed when my friend introduced me to CrossFit.  Ever since then, my overall health has greatly improved. I completed the fundamentals course at Shogun CrossFit and I immediately fell in love with the sport. I love the variety of the workouts because it challenges my weight lifting, gymnastics and endurance capabilities. In addition to the CrossFit movements, the coaches have also taught me the importance of nutrition, mobility and recovery. I appreciate that they’re invested in my long-term health…The workouts are great and all, but the most important thing to me is the community. I’ve met so many people since I started at Shogun, many of whom I would’ve never crossed paths with otherwise. CrossFit has been such a great networking tool because you get to meet people with all sorts of background and it’s nice to be able to pick their brains on various topics.  Shogun CrossFit has become more than just a box/gym to me. I have met some incredible people who have become not just friends but family and mentors. Since this is a community, everything is fun and encouraging. It’s not just about who’s faster or stronger, instead it’s about encouraging one another to be the best versions of ourselves. I’m so glad to have started on this journey. Like the military, it’s great to know that no matter where you are in the world, there will always be a CrossFit box that will welcome you in like family.”

If you’re looking for someone that’s constantly hitting PRs, look no further than our very own Cita.  Ask her about her PRs and you see that she’s all too humble about her super strength. 

Not only has Cita been a force to be recon with on the Shogun CrossFit pad, she has also been one great contributor to Shogun CrossFit’s graphics design team.  Thanks to Cita, our official logo is one awesome logo. 

Way to go Cita! Keep on keep keeping on!!!  Want to keep keeping on with Cita? Head out to our 5:05m class to catch her do her thing and pushing hard.

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