November Spotlight


Athlete of the Month

Strong? Yes. Intimidating? Maybe. 😊 Friendly? Absolutely!  These are just some example of how we could describe our November Athlete of the Month, Kelly Taylor.  Behind the super concentrated and laser focus expressions during movement, Kelly is an unbelievable athlete.  When there’s an Rx written on the board, Kelly simply says, “bring it on.”  She is not one to back down on a tough workout and will acknowledge when she needs to work on skills. 

Before CrossFit, Kelly was doing other fitness routines that didn’t give her the results she was looking for.  She wanted something to make her stronger and help her improve her overall fitness.  That’s when Kelly joined Shogun CrossFit and everything changed.  CrossFit gave Kelly the means to get strong, fit for pregnancy, stay healthy during her pregnancy, and have a quick return after birth. Here’s more from Kelly on her journey.

“My CrossFit journey started at Shogun CrossFit 4 years ago.  This was back when I was scared to do a handstand on the wall, my max front squat was 165 pounds, and I couldn’t do a single rope climb.  Not only that, I only dreamed of being able to do a butterfly pull-up.  Now, 4 years later, I’m proud to say I have conquered my fears, added weight to exercises I never thought I would, learned how to do a butterfly pull-up and I can confidently climb a rope!…CrossFit is the only thing that can push me hard enough to see the results I’m looking for while at the same time giving me the confidence when I engage in any other physical activities.  During my pregnancy, I continued working out and can truly say that if It weren’t for the physical shape I was in, I may have had some pregnancy complications. Not only that, I was able to make quick recovery due to the fast, intense workouts we do at Shogun CrossFit.  I absolutely love it!  I have met so many friends that have become family through this community.”

If you haven’t had the chance to WOD with Kelly yet, you best hurry.  Kelly and her family will be departing Okinawa soon for a different adventure with the Air Force.  We have been all so lucky to have such a dedicated athlete such as Kelly all these years.  We wish her and her family the best and may her CrossFit journey continue to grow and shine brightly as she moves forward. Congratulations Kelly!

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