September Spotlight

KeithAthlete of the Month

When you think of dedication and commitment, many things and people might come to mind.  For Shogun CrossFit, Keith, our September Athlete of the Month exhibit both.  Keith has been coming to Shogun CrossFit for almost half a decade now.  He rarely misses a workout and gives all he’s got during the WOD.  Many athletes have been quoted as saying, “Keith is the guy I’m trying to keep up with.”  Keith’s dedication and commitment to CrossFit not only makes him a great motivator for the Shogun Community, he is also a friendly and genuine person to be around.  You can often see him smiling even after a tough WOD and cheering the other athletes on after he finished.  Here’s what Keith told us about his CrossFit journey:

“Physical fitness has always been something I was interested in, but I could never find a program I could stick with. As a young kid in Alaska, I played hockey up till it got more about the fighting than the game.  At which point I joined the swim team in Junior High and High School which I continued to recreationally do throughout college. After college, I started rooming with a buddy who got big into power lifting (amazing guy and gym, just look up Kabuki Strength in Portland Oregon) so I started the whole “back and bi’s on Monday” routine.  However, when I moved back to Alaska and wasn’t around the super dedicated lifter any more, I soon lost interest. Then my wife got into running and I got into running as well which culminating in a marathon with the vow to never do one of those again. Next a buddy wanted a training partner for a 100-mile bike race in which I said yes to it too and did that twice.  I figured if I already was a descent swimmer and now could run and bike, I might as well try my hand marathons. I do really enjoy the well-rounded nature of marathon training but by the time I had built up to a half Ironman length I was training 12-13 hours a week which was just too much.

After the half Ironman, a buddy at work talked me into a CrossFit workout with him and I was hooked!  In what I’m sure was less than a 10-minute workout, left me exhausted and sore muscles for days when I was in what I thought was the best shape of my life. Shortly after relocating to Okinawa, I started looking for a CrossFit box.  I took the first Shogun CrossFit Fundamentals class right away.  Shogun CrossFit is such an amazing place with outstanding coaches and awesome athletes. There are true friendships growing at every workout, I can feel it.  I’ve been going 4 days a week for almost 4 ½ years now and there have been some huge changes to both the coaches and the box.  However small or big the changes, I always look forward to the workouts. I’m 39 years old and know that I’m now in the best shape of my life and getting stronger still. Maybe I’ll even be able to do a muscle-up by the time I’m 40.”

Throughout the changes that Shogun CrossFit has gone through, Keith’s commitment to CrossFit never waiver and we couldn’t be prouder that he’s Shogun’s Athlete of the Month.  Congratulation Keith! We are so lucky to have you in our community.  If you would like to “keep up with the Keith,” you can catch him at the 5:45am classes during the week.

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