August Spotlight

Athlete of the Month

Karen Aug 2017For some, CrossFit can be intimidating and scary…at first.  However, once you take that leap of faith, and give it a chance, CrossFit can change everything you thought about fitness.  This is exactly what happen with our August Athlete of the Month.

As soon as she walks on to the Shogun CrossFit Pad she’s ready to rock and roll.  Always ready to challenge herself and may be grab a “PR” to go.  If you see her at Shogun, then you know Karen Eithniear.  From the first time she step foot onto her first schedule Shogun CrossFit class, she knew she had to keep coming.  Her passion to continuously improved herself and always keeping the intensity high have earned her our Shogun CrossFit Athlete of the month.  Here’s more from Karen.

“I was a part of the fundamental class in February of this year.  However, I did not attend one of the scheduled classes until May. It took me a few months to gather the courage to just show up, and I regret not doing sooner. I absolutely love CrossFit, I wake up every morning looking forward to attending class. The coaches and the people make for such a fun and inviting experience. I love to see how much my body is changing, and the progress I’ve made in such a short time. I am super proud and excited to be a part of shogun CrossFit!”

Keep up the good work Karen! We look forward to seeing you progress even more.  If you’re trying to catch Karen and her skills, look no further than the lunch time crew at 11:45am CrossFit class.  Please congratulate Karen for a job well done and to keep pushing forward.

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