Monday, 28 August 2017 WOD

Goal: No rest between rounds and complete the first round without putting the dumbbells down.

10 2-minute rounds of:
200 meter farmer carry (Rx=35/25-lb. DB or KB)
Max-rep power clean and jerks (Rx=35/25-lb. DB or KB)

(20 min running clock)

Note: Athletes will perform the 200m farmer carry then immediately go into the power clean and jerks until the first 2 minute is up. Then go back to the 200m farmer carry, complete that then with time left on the second 2 minutes perform the clean and jerks. Keep doing this until all 10 rounds of 2-minutes are completed which is a total of 20 minutes.  Beginner athletes should strive to minimize rest and have as many unbroken clean and jerks as possible.  While more advance athletes should aim to complete the WOD with no rest.


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