July Spotlight

Athlete of the MonthIMG_8419

For those of you who know Meg, you know why she’s Shogun’s Athlete of the month.  Meg has been doing CrossFit for just over a year and has let nothing get in her way of keeping fit.  Here’s more from our Meg herself.

“My name is Meg and I started my CrossFit journey a little over a year ago as I strive to reach my full potential as an athlete. CrossFit has been a very welcomed change and challenge to my fitness goals and routine. Some of the aspects I most enjoy about CrossFit is all the great friends I have made this past year and the variety of the workouts offered in the program. Everyone is so encouraging and supportive! I’m currently five months pregnant with twins and I’m still involved with CrossFit. Being pregnant and staying with a CrossFit program has been a very motivating experience for me and I have challenged myself even further as an athlete.”

Meg, thank you for showing us the Shogun CrossFit Athlete spirit and keeping us motivated.  Thank you for always bringing smiles and your kindness to every class.  We are excited for your upcoming adventure!

If you haven’t met Meg yet, you can catch her working hard at the 5:45am class.  Please say hello and continue to encourage her on her CrossFit journey

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