5 Jan, 2015 WOD!

Sled Drag MILE!

In teams of three athletes, drag a sled loaded with one 45# plate for 1 mile.

For this exercise, athletes will rotate through three positions. They are:

a) Sprinter

b) Sled

c) Recovery

On “GO!” the sprinter will run 400 [+] meters as fast as possible. At the same time, athlete “b” will begin dragging the sled on the grass interior of the track. Athlete “c” will jog/walk along side athlete “b” in the recovery position; athlete “c” may not help athlete “b” in any way. When the sprinter reaches athletes “b” and “c”, each athlete will rotate one position (“a” is now “b”,  “b” is now “c” and “c” is now “a”). This means that the athlete that just completed a 400[+] meter sprint is pulling the sled and the recovery athlete is sprinting 400[+] meters. The athlete (formerly “b”) who just finished pulling the sled is in the recovery position and is jogging/walking along side the sled. The sled should never stop moving and these rotations will continue until the sled travels around the track four times and moves one mile.

There is a 35 minute cap for this workout.


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