28 Nov, 2014 WOD

2 Athletes per bar will do the following for a total of 12 minutes;

Alternating Doubles of SQUAT CLEAN:

Min 0:00-1:59 @ 95/65#

Min 2:00-3:59 @ 135/95#

Min 4:00-5:59 @ 155/115#

Min 6:00-7:59 @ 185/135#

Min 8:00-9:59 @ 205/155#

Min 10:00-11:59 @ 225/175#

*On “Go!” athlete 1 will complete two squat clean reps and then athlete 2 will complete two squat clean reps. Athletes will continue to alternate sets of two reps until the time reaches 1:59. At 2:00 the pair will rapidly change the weight as prescribed and continue to complete alternating sets of two reps of squat cleans at heavier and heavier weights over time. If the pair hits a maximal squat clean weight before the time has expired (IE they are unable to increase their weight) they will continue to complete doubles at the heaviest weight successfully attempted for the remainder of the 12 minute workout. Athletes MUST alternate even if one athlete fails an attempted double. For example, If athlete 1 fails an attempted double, athlete 2 may attempt a double. Athlete 1 must now re-attempt a lift before athlete 2 can go again. Rest between attempts is up to the individual athlete to decide. Score is the number of successful doubles completed by an individual athlete.

SCF Squat Prog: Back Squat        

3 Sets of 3 reps @ 75%

SCF SQUAT PROGRAM (optional) Ensure that a full, dynamic warm-up that includes hip/ankle mobility is completed prior to squatting. Lifts are based off of your 1RM Back and Front Squat from October 17th, 2014. Take 2-3 minutes of rest between each set. USE PERFECT FORM!


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